Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234
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"Please consider subscribing" That sounds so much nicer than the typical line <3
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This is probably as much as WWII or early cold war submariners knew about sonar. Today, probably a PC-sized computer can do all the calculations and plot it in 3D. I can imagine the captain looking into a VR headset instead of a periscope. :)
Im familiar with your love for balls
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🎶 yvaN eht nioJ
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What a great guy !! Didn’t expect that. He’s just excited and proud of what he and his company are building as the guy asking the questions. I bet it’s not the first time he’s explained it either, but he’s still proud and excited about the process.
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The “murder” of George Floyd was only a watershed moment for the US in that a lot of people eyes were opened to the unwavering misinformation campaign being waged by the mainstream media.
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Do some general or high rank officer announce that youre gonna make these videos? the crews are polite and helpful, good manner 👍
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I can't believe that this slow monitor is the way of monitoring the oxygen level on a submarine, but that's just me :D
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BOAT? in the Navy, EVERYTHING is a ship or in this case a submarine.
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Thanks Destin, now i can finally build my own nuclear sub without worrying about oxygen, isn't that cool !
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"Our normal way of creating oxygen is down" hahaha very reassuring...
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The submarine serie is great but this video in particular was by far the best. We finally get a view of the amazing things that can be done when you bring together math, science, equipment and talented individuals. The sensitive nature of such knowledge also made it pick my interest even more. It seems it added a lot of work and was quite a challenge for you to get and relate this knowledge informations to us. Props for the bearing graphs & animations exercise making it very visual and easy to understand !
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biggest takeaway, princess booper snoot is great
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Fix your watch there Dow
We are not livestock
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Living there is a couragous job.
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Inside the sub . Every one much be trusted.
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Great content
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"Corn syrup" guarantees none of those boys don't know what real maple syrup is
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What happens to the hydrogen? Is it used or just pumped away?
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thanks so much for makin this video man n introducing me to this alien tech physics manipulation demonstration!
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that moment you notice the military uses the comp systems from alien isolation O.o
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António Peixoto
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Destin: *in a rocket factory* can I touch that
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From a former line cook that was very enjoyable! Looks like working a cramped diner
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You should work with Mr. Beast, and basically make "How many gloves does it take to stop a Supersonic ball ", or slightly faster than that. It'll be cool 👍 Like if you agree, I legit want this to happen lol
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12:45 "We call these Clinkers. Honestly I have no idea why we call them Clinkers" Clinker bricks are clay bricks that are too close to the heat source in the kiln. They come out overcooked, a darker color and usually misshapen and made a metallic ringing sound when you 'clinked' them together. They were rejects and discarded until their use was popularized during the Arts and Crafts architecture movement. Modern kilns are able distribute their heat more efficiently so they don't produce clinkers in the same way, but you can still buy bricks that are molded to give that misshapen and fire glazed look.
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Thanks bro. Am like touring insidr the sub 😁 what a nice
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Off topic. How is the storage solution going? Floor full of loose drives again? Just watched the wholesome "160TB Server with Linus!" video again for pre pandemic nostalgia.
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I've learned one important thing from your channel. Everything splashes.
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Geeky Engineer
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Absolutely groovey
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Very cool! Thanks
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Soviets be like: :O
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mh they gonna die if candles are gone with a power failure.
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The best video on smarter everyday 💪💪
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Yeah but what if it was a toy gun maybe you guys should train it to look at the tip to make sure it’s orange
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Woah that's not a name you hear everyday that's a really cool name Dow, Dow Jones
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wow lot of education. lot of responsibility ability on the sub to.
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Why are they wearing hats? Is the sun in their eyes?
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I'm literally learning about osmosis and electrolysis on school at the moment.
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Working at a place like this is my dream job
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So cool!
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I have two questions left from the torpedo video: 1. Where does the additional sea water that went into the second tank go? 2. Why do we give bullets a spin around their axis but not torpedos?
Eddie J. G.
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1. Out the tube as it pushes out the torpedo. 2. Torpedos have control surfaces, navigate themselves and are self-propelled. They don’t need a spin to keep them straight any more than the submarine itself needs one.
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Oxygen stores, filters 'n scrubbers. Adios.
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For the non native english speakers who struggle with the accents, the noise and the technical terms in this video, turn on the subtitles :)
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That isn't Dow. I saw Austin Evans steal his uniform and sneak inside the submarine after he spent a week long bender smoking crack and playing MGS.
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cant they use a thermal camera or temp camera to find the leaked pipes? that would be easier and fast
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2 days later at school, how do you make oxygen in a submarine,,,,,,,,urinalysis
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you did the cool stuff dudeee,
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Its the kosatka!
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can any of these methods be used on megascale? e.g. for cities
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@lav luka
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Captain where is your finger?
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So you have been in YT for 15 years
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Thanks man, always wanted to know this
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excellent video - you made a complicated subject very understandable.
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It's totally fascinating.
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Clinkers: a term from the coal burning boiler days when spend COAL ash had SLAG deposits that were called clinkers. The Clinkers were more of a solid mass then a powder ash.
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They probably spend more time repairing that Xerox MultiFuntion Printer than they do repairing anything on the sub
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Destin looks like Austin with a cap
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inlove you
Octo Games
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Video Idea. Will you consider an episode on gold and off world mining and how mining elements off world would effect traditional market value and manufacturing?
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Is it acceptable to call it a boat when it's a sub?
Eddie J. G.
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Yes. Submarines are affectionately known as “boats”.
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This guy meets so many ppl
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No beard net?
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I can't wrap my head around it, to me it looks like you're getting extra energy from nothing
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There are two pieces of physics to understand blocks and tackles: 1) Tension (force) on both sides of a block must be equal, otherwise it would equalize. 2) Since W = F * s (where W - work, F - force, s - distance), you can do the same work by trading force for distance. For example with one block attached to the thing you're pulling and one end of rope anchored, you're using half the force, but have to pull twice as much rope to move the thing the same distance.
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Viva Wö
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Why don't they simply use plants?
Viva Wö
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Alright, that's a good point ;) I actually have no clue how much oxygen a plant produces. But at least, they'd look nicer 🌱
Eddie J. G.
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How many plants do you think you’d need to make enough oxygen for 150 people? How much fresh water would they use up?
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I would be amazed but i saw lars splitting an arrow coming towards him...
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did u see that bass pro cup? i wont tell the time go look for it