SEC Shorts - Teams get a medical check up
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 19 שעות לפני
I love the metaphor. That one was really funny
sannio komi
sannio komi 19 שעות לפני
I like Arkansas coach, he's down to earth and humble.
Victor Ethridge
Victor Ethridge 20 שעות לפני
Thank you Sec from Texas,
Dustin Dodds
Dustin Dodds 20 שעות לפני
Wtf is this dude swimming in? Doodoo brown...
Earnest Peeples, Jr
Earnest Peeples, Jr 20 שעות לפני
Texas is not running....OU is not gonna do any better. No Duh, SEC is the Strongest Conference....Arkansas did win convincingly...but when have they been relevant in a recent time. Glad they won and beat a ranked opponent, bit until ya'll do that to LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, etc....calm down. Everyone who leaves for a new Conference will deal with this until thier feet get wet...
gwhite713 21 שעה לפני
Watch out Arkansas, we have Joe Milton, and we are winning a national title this year because well, Joe is a big dude and can throw the ball across the TN river where it will land somewhere ten yards beyond the bank! 😂🍊🍊
J. Peace O
J. Peace O 21 שעה לפני
So funny
Hi 21 שעה לפני
Jesus loves you
gwhite713 21 שעה לפני
Arkansas when Texas asked to join the SEC: "No, way!, Don't want them, we know who they are!" Arkansas last Saturday night: "Welcome to the SEC! There is more where that came from! "WE OWN YOU!!!".. LOL
Steven McPherson
Steven McPherson 21 שעה לפני
That was awesome! I’ve been laughing since Saturday night but that put the cherry on top. Sadly, for UT fans, it’s not very comical since this little skit was founded in reality!!
Radford University
Radford University 21 שעה לפני
Haha, another year, another overhyped Texas team
Ds Kicks
Ds Kicks 22 שעות לפני
The workable humor accordantly improve because november mostly plan versus a tangible authorisation. normal, premium puffin
Joshua Ore
Joshua Ore 22 שעות לפני
Didn't think the hogs would do it. But damn they proved me wrong I hope they have a great season. 👍
James Goines
James Goines 22 שעות לפני
This was just ok until Tennessee came up. Then it became great!
Rob J
Rob J יום לפני
"I survived the Dooly years, nothing can break me" 😂😂😂 truer words never been spoken
Timsters יום לפני
pshh Razorback fans...Tennessee fans... im a KU fan so... playoffs every year?nah.... bowls every year? nah... blowout by fcs teams? yes
junior third
junior third יום לפני
The sec should have brought TCU in as well just to eff with Texas.
Tide16nc יום לפני
Lol, had that been UGA who pushed him off the seat, I have fell out watching this a 2 weeks after the loss. 🤣
jonathan helton
jonathan helton יום לפני
As Georgia fan I’m also emotionally numb
Brendan Domzal
Brendan Domzal יום לפני
Love the fact the Michigan is always given the L
R W יום לפני
Goodness she sure is pretty.
The Lemon
The Lemon יום לפני
The florida fan reminds me of this season
R J H יום לפני
What a game, great memories. Love the A&M guy prancing with the turnover stick... celebrating a little too early...
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer יום לפני
As an Auburn fan I was tearing up too!🤣 but that Georgia one had me rolling in the floor! 🤣🤣 An then East Tenn St crawled in!!😭🤬 #SECShortsRocks
Unnamed Source
Unnamed Source יום לפני
Nice dig on the ACC and Clemson.
Richard Shelnutt
Richard Shelnutt יום לפני
That’s too funny
Justin Pratt
Justin Pratt יום לפני
Tennessee has 13 SEC championships
Markus Hayden Sutherland
Markus Hayden Sutherland יום לפני
Best episode yet!
Larez Moody
Larez Moody יום לפני
Had to watch this one again. The shoe still get me🤣🤣🤣
Nope Wipty
Nope Wipty יום לפני
Yeah mizzou could beat Texas
Cowboy Slow
Cowboy Slow יום לפני
I’m weak lmao 🤣 that was huge for us hogs fans thank you so much love our coach Sam Pittman. I’m just love listening to him. I would run through a wall for him
Sour יום לפני
Brent M
Brent M יום לפני
Lol great reference from the watchmen movie with Rorschach line “I’m not locked in here with you…you are locked in here with me.”
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez יום לפני
"Richest non-bowl eligible team in the country"🤭
Kendall Bledsoe
Kendall Bledsoe יום לפני
😆 😆 how DID I miss this one until now...
Donald Jacobs
Donald Jacobs יום לפני
You are the bomb! I laugh so hard. How about a beat Bama burger
CJ Steg
CJ Steg יום לפני
In football, texas will probably be lower middle of the pack, but they should be one of the better basketball teams at least
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt יום לפני
I wonder how Texas fans feel about this one.
Johnny Gamecock
Johnny Gamecock יום לפני
The next one will be about my Gamecocks and our Grad assistants, LOL, see Zeb Noland
9528TERRY יום לפני
Whats funny is this is absolutely how the south is about our college football... My bestfriend from high school got married on last sat of november (Rivalry week) i did not go i stayed home and watched Irong Bowl and Egg Bowl...He stayed mad at me for months because of it!
txlonghorn82 יום לפני
Ha Ha. Get your licks in while you can. We don't often play or lose this badly. The posts below show no one expected Texas lose, especially this badly. As usual, aggy lives vicariously through other teams (if not the whole sec) because they can't beat us. This is why they wore beat Texas t-shirts to their game against CU.
Island Thrifts
Island Thrifts יום לפני
That Petrino picture 😂
Kevin Sontag
Kevin Sontag יום לפני
dont worry Texas you may get to play the Gamecocks. They will be the highest paid non eligible team most years.
rucussing יום לפני
Only 4 months old. Now Sept. 15th, and UT has played two games neither QB is over 200 yards passing. Sounds about right!
Austin625 יום לפני
Best clip you guys have ever done !!!! Texas Sucks
Darren Gray
Darren Gray יום לפני
As a Mizzou grad, I am supposed to dislike Arkansas. After Saturday, they will always have a place in my heart...until Nov 26th.
Daniel Faubion
Daniel Faubion יום לפני
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt יום לפני
Miami fans are rushing to buy those App State shirts the gamecocks are wearing.
Ch Ad
Ch Ad יום לפני
Fourth time watching!! WPS!! 🐷
Stephen יום לפני
What ? The Patriots weren’t available? For Arkys 2nd team to play?
SCO23 יום לפני
Karma's a Bwitch, Texas!
Francisco E
Francisco E יום לפני
I didn't know Auburn was with Nike. The guy with the Auburn Nike Jersey. LOL
Juwan Hunter
Juwan Hunter יום לפני
This would be much more satisfied if both Georgia and Arkansas was in this
Daniel Chausse
Daniel Chausse יום לפני
Was hoping at some point he tries to sneak through and a security guard in an Arkansas Jersey pancakes him after this weekend's whooping
Ayush Sinha
Ayush Sinha יום לפני
Aggies did so good in 2020, even with a full SEC schedule but then you listen to the two teams they swapped out - Clemson for Colorado, A&M won by 3 points in 2021 - Georgia for Vanderbilt - A&M won by 5 points in 2020
jacob johnson
jacob johnson יום לפני
This should include UK lol we got hosed do bad last year
niceguy999918 יום לפני
The SEC is going to kill the Longhorn program. You will fit in right next to Missouri, Miss St and UK. You know the middle of the pack.
Lance Thompson
Lance Thompson יום לפני
OMG the SEC is full of itself. How many SEC teams had a winning record last year? That's 4 if you didn't know and one of them was 6-5. THIS IS THE SEC! 🤦‍♂️
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez יום לפני
Wow that was epic!
Fredi Hayes
Fredi Hayes יום לפני
The turn around :)
Logan Ohlhaver
Logan Ohlhaver יום לפני
I’m a Texas alum and fan and this is freaking hilarious!
Music יום לפני
OMG that was so good. The Watchmen reference. Welcome to the SEC, son.
Darrius Marshall
Darrius Marshall יום לפני
Darrius Marshall
Darrius Marshall יום לפני
I'm a Longhorn Fan...and this is kinda hilarious 😂😂😂
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez יום לפני
Pac 12 here...........I hate you guys!!!!!😣
LostAggie66 יום לפני
Great Video
Tri Le
Tri Le יום לפני
OMG Hilarious
aCycloneSteve יום לפני
I watch this every day and laugh. :-)
Timothy and Rena Mills
Timothy and Rena Mills יום לפני
So true go vols ruin our program so we have nothing to cheer about
Stephen יום לפני
Good stuff. You guys are just too funny.
Stephen יום לפני
The dude playing blue is just funny as hell. On all these shorts. 😂
Kylorenz710 יום לפני
Its like they forget what the SEC was in the 90's hot trash all around but every dog has its day GBR
egymario יום לפני
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Kathy Olson
Kathy Olson יום לפני
LOVE IT!! Buh-bye Texas. We won't miss you!!
Adam Berendt
Adam Berendt יום לפני
Poor Auburn, they arent even historic enough to be on this list....RTR!!!!
Adam Berendt
Adam Berendt יום לפני
Blue can just build a mansion in Tennessee. RTR!!!
Steven McNabb
Steven McNabb יום לפני
The way they're wearing (or not wearing) their seatbelts is stressing me out.
Scott Perkins
Scott Perkins יום לפני
Best SEC shorts episode ever.