Game theory
Game Theory: The Disturbing Lore Of Lily's Garden
צפיות 2.4 מיליון
We've talked about how mobile games are weird in a previous episode. Well, this is a game that proves it. Welcome to the ...
Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)
צפיות 3.3 מיליון
Welcome back to MatPat has too many FNAF theories, that he needs to put multiple in an episode! Today we are going to cover 3 ...
Food Theory: GrubHub Lore Just Got Weirder...
צפיות 1.3 מיליון
Game Theory! ▻ Film Theory! ▻ Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic ...
Game Theory: The Secret Lore of Friday Night Funkin'...
צפיות 3.9 מיליון
What is Friday Night Funkin'? Well, it is not your averageDDR-esk game, that's for sure! You see, when this game started to make ...
Film Theory: How To SURVIVE Saw!
צפיות 1.6 מיליון
Do you think you could SURVIVE a Saw movie? It seems like a logical question to have after witnessing the horror Jigsaw brings ...
Defeating The Ao Oni! | Ao Oni Ending
צפיות 76 אלפי
Get your Food Theory Merch! ▻▻ Can we FINALLY beat the Ao Oni? Join me as we continue to solve ...
Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead
צפיות 3.2 מיליון
I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the ...
Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!
צפיות 7 מיליון
Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one ...
Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)
צפיות 2 מיליון
#Pokemon #AskKetchum #Pikachu #PokemonSnap#PokemonTheory #PokemonSword #PokemonShield #PokemonDiamon ...
Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?
צפיות 5 מיליון
I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird ...
Film Theory: Follow The Rabbit... Decoding The Walten Files.
צפיות 2.9 מיליון
Finally, there is a Five Nights At Freddy's type of content I can cover on Film Theory. Theorists, welcome to The Walten Files.
It finally happened.. Lily's Garden Game theory reaction AND IM IN IT
צפיות 40 אלפי
The mad lad finally did it. The @The Game Theorists finally made a Lily's Garden game theory video. Will we find out more secrets ...
Game Theory: Dear MatPat, I Fixed Your Theory (First Episode Remastered)
צפיות 3.1 מיליון
Theorists, it has been 10 YEARS since the first episode of Game Theory premiered on ILpost. 10 YEARS!! This month we are ...
Film Theory: The Secret Villain of Loki is... YOU! (Loki Episode 2)
צפיות 1.6 מיליון
Disney+ has been killing it with their Marvel series. I knew Loki would be the same and, boy, are they proving me RIGHT! I started ...
Game Theory: Beware Crow 64 c̸̛̊rO̵̼̮͐̄́̀͘W̴̘̪͈̆ 6̵̓͛͒4̴̈͗̃̋ c̶̾́́̀̑Ȑ̸̲̪̅͘O̶w̵̄̀̆̅̕͝ 6̴̞̓̒̈́̇4̶̩̘͗͌̉
צפיות 5 מיליון
Theorists, we all know I love a good ARG. And Crow 64? Well, I had to dive in head first. Crow 64 is the ARG of the "unfinished ...
Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!
צפיות 8 מיליון
Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh ...
Game Theory: What Level is Ash's Pikachu? (Pokemon)
צפיות 2.9 מיליון
Pokemon is one of the longest runningseries out there and for years, one question has plagued us all. What level IS Ash's Pikachu ...
Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?
צפיות 6 מיליון
You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you ...
Game Theory: The Hero That BROKE Genshin Impact!
צפיות 1.6 מיליון
Genshin Impact is the free mobile game taking over my brain. The worldbuilding is complex and I knew that somewhere in there ...
Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.
צפיות 7 מיליון
There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of ILpost centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream.