Drake ft. Future and Young Thug - Way 2 Sexy (Official Video)

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'Certified Lover Boy' out now: Drake.lnk.to/clbVD

Connect with Drake:

Director: Dave Meyers
Director Rep: Jamie Rabineau
Production Company: Freenjoy
Exec Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer & Brian Bell
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Production Designer: Keith Raywood
Choreographer: HiHat
Editor: Nathan Rodgers @ Cabin Edit
Color: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Company3
VFX: Les Umberger @ Mod Creations
Sound Mix: Tom Paolantonio @ Lime Studios
Animation Studio: Blinkink
Animation Directors/Designers: Stevie Gee & Essy May
Animation Producer: Gareth Owen
Animation Executive Producer: Josef Byrne

Gus Dichtel
Gus Dichtel 13 דקות לפני
if this dont have you ROFL i dont know what willl.
JOJO-ENT👁Record 33 דקות לפני
Among red
Among red 40 דקות לפני
i just know drake enjoyed filming this 😭
Exploring with Daniel
Exploring with Daniel 41 דקה לפני
Devin Swindall
Devin Swindall 42 דקות לפני
The videos are better when you can tell they having fun...lol
sidrit poka
sidrit poka 43 דקות לפני
Thug 😘
Kreative Control Magazine KC
Kreative Control Magazine KC 49 דקות לפני
Way 2 Sexy Drake [Remix] ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/uZGxr82dmZCnn5s.html
Lord Ulty
Lord Ulty 50 דקות לפני
The Lady Hokage
The Lady Hokage שעה לפני
Theres so much to take in in 5 minutes LOL
Samvka שעה לפני
The stomach rub>>>>
Lone Choppa
Lone Choppa שעה לפני
Mikhail Sanu
Mikhail Sanu שעה לפני
Drake and Young Thug are featuring on Future’s song
Anna Gruber
Anna Gruber שעה לפני
Didn't someone already make a I'm too sexy song? These no talent rappers need to come up with they own shit.
Pablo שעה לפני
Tory lanz gave the boys some game
phillip james abid
phillip james abid שעה לפני
The most awesome part when future shows his muscles another girl's gets suddenly pregnant 🤣🤣🔥
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova שעה לפני
Could have done with out Young Thug.
CEO Thurm
CEO Thurm שעה לפני
CEO Thurm
CEO Thurm שעה לפני
lmfd7373 שעה לפני
I cant stand Future but he make songs sound better ! And i hate it 😩 bc i cant stand him, Drake is just dope period and Young Thug been growing on me his sound is so unique i love this one
Luis Salcedo
Luis Salcedo 2 שעות לפני
Drake doing the John Travolta thrust from "Saturday night fever" lol
daniel kitzman
daniel kitzman 2 שעות לפני
future went dumb on this song fr🔥
DEAR PLAYful 2 שעות לפני
Valentin Robles
Valentin Robles 2 שעות לפני
Feed poor
Tyrea Robinson
Tyrea Robinson 2 שעות לפני
One and only Drake! 🤘😍😛
Michael Wynn
Michael Wynn 2 שעות לפני
I was enjoying the song till young thug messed it up..i cant stand young thug
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Hernandez 2 שעות לפני
Anybody alse feel a vibe when he compares himself to michael jackson, like he is low key shading the weeknd idk the vibe cus drake and michael aint got shit in common but drake on this album feels its him and michael only type thing idk feels weird lol
JM 2 שעות לפני
this is the most lightskin thing I've every seen
Dynamite Ninjaweed
Dynamite Ninjaweed 2 שעות לפני
drake stink
Jay Spacee
Jay Spacee 2 שעות לפני
Johnny Mustang
Johnny Mustang 2 שעות לפני
Lmao drambo
Yaver Javeed
Yaver Javeed 2 שעות לפני
Drake always keep it real... Haters gonna hate 💯
Mello Dadon
Mello Dadon 2 שעות לפני
Don Prawl
Don Prawl 2 שעות לפני
Who else rewinded and paused this video to read Future's full name? I did!!!
SlowTf Down
SlowTf Down 2 שעות לפני
Too sexx-C for the trapp 🤫
Big AL Swagg
Big AL Swagg 2 שעות לפני
Playing this for my lady when she start annoying me 😂 "too sexy for this Shit"
___DeXoRzz ___
___DeXoRzz ___ 3 שעות לפני
This song is fucking
Kalil Da Deal
Kalil Da Deal 3 שעות לפני
Drake got dem simps n dey feelinz wit this 1 str8 Slappa plus da video dumb krazy
Jhordin Graves
Jhordin Graves 3 שעות לפני
The part where Drake says “ Okay, Alright, That’s Fine, Okay” really reminds me of the cadence in the hook of Trick Daddy’s song called “Shut Up”. Nice job Drake, catchy song.
11terrexx 3 שעות לפני
Bra what the fuck did thug say, shit sounded terrible…
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 3 שעות לפני
ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/qXhqsNNli6ldnNY.html ‼️
hussydahustla 3 שעות לפני
Young thug been EATIN!
Shannon Kerr
Shannon Kerr 3 שעות לפני
"rawr rawr" 🤣🤣
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 3 שעות לפני
ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/qXhqsNNli6ldnNY.html ‼️
Pablo Bastos
Pablo Bastos 3 שעות לפני
Pablo Bastos
Pablo Bastos 3 שעות לפני
Drake um dos maiores 🔥
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 3 שעות לפני
ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/qXhqsNNli6ldnNY.html ‼️
Pablo Bastos
Pablo Bastos 3 שעות לפני
Melhor clipe do ano 🔥🔥🔥👏🏽💯🏆
Anthony Basile
Anthony Basile 3 שעות לפני
This song so basic but sounds good
sircartierIII 3 שעות לפני
I aint gone cap .. this shit feel like a weird ahh commercial
KK 3 שעות לפני
Drake just having fun
Taylormade 3 שעות לפני
This song is some straight light skin shit
Deron West
Deron West 3 שעות לפני
Drake ain't no rapper nothing but a joke what is dude saying in his music thumbs down 👎👎👎👎👎 for everything about dude
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 3 שעות לפני
ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/qXhqsNNli6ldnNY.html ‼️
jayden rose
jayden rose 4 שעות לפני
1:08 is that skai jackson?!(black girl from Jessie)
evan hartman
evan hartman 4 שעות לפני
Future and thugger carried
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 3 שעות לפני
ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/qXhqsNNli6ldnNY.html ‼️
The ਸਿੱਖ Gamerz
The ਸਿੱਖ Gamerz 4 שעות לפני
I was playing this on full volme, my neighbours called cops. . Cops arrested the neighbours.
Cleasn Clkeasn
Cleasn Clkeasn 4 שעות לפני
I hope Young Thug don't think his a gangster for wearing skirts. Lol member that look it up.
Limit Less
Limit Less 4 שעות לפני
This is so funny 😂
Pawknee123 4 שעות לפני
Pawknee123 4 שעות לפני
Trying to be to sexy for your body…..
Felipe Wellington
Felipe Wellington 4 שעות לפני
Future said pogba, not woah woah
Colorado springs
Colorado springs 4 שעות לפני
Just drake and future
Colorado springs
Colorado springs 4 שעות לפני
Young thug sucks 😪
James Jones
James Jones 4 שעות לפני
Drake the only one that can have my nigga future in the video dancing like they the temptations lol.
TunaSubBackwards 4 שעות לפני
Andrew Fowler
Andrew Fowler 4 שעות לפני
#YungThug can't lip sync at all
Ese_Negritito 4 שעות לפני
What timestamp is Kawhi dancing in??
Original Unoriginal
Original Unoriginal 5 שעות לפני
My mind just doesn't know how to process Drake impersonating M J !!?
Hasan Bland
Hasan Bland 5 שעות לפני
Yo.. is that a real fragrance? I'm bout to get it
Haris James
Haris James 5 שעות לפני
Fiji X
Fiji X 5 שעות לפני
This music video finna be a classic
SupremeDreamss 5 שעות לפני
Kawhi 😂😂
John Boyce
John Boyce 5 שעות לפני
Kawhi could have gotten a couple bars in on this one🤣🔥🔥
Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill 5 שעות לפני
0:56 drake look like dj Khalid
Ygo-riv 5 שעות לפני
The song is just so boring. Sounds like all other drake songs
GeckyGeck 5 שעות לפני
1:20 Love the reference!
John Irvine
John Irvine 5 שעות לפני
Wtf gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lost_ark101 5 שעות לפני
Life with Chloe
Life with Chloe 6 שעות לפני
GTA beach
K-Official 6 שעות לפני
Migos would have been sick on this track 🔥🔥
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming 6 שעות לפני
Heavenly Father I pray that the person reading this stays safe and becomes successful. Amen
BubblegumZeus01 6 שעות לפני
why is this number 1 in the charts
Drew Trades
Drew Trades 7 שעות לפני
No hate to Young Thug but he low key fcked up the song.
Ieisha Blake
Ieisha Blake 7 שעות לפני
i love/ hate this song
Reelo The Amazing
Reelo The Amazing 7 שעות לפני
SAUCE GOD JAY 7 שעות לפני
No cap this video 2 🔥🔥🔥
* mendoza876900
* mendoza876900 7 שעות לפני
Drake is just too fuckin cool. Doesn't even have to try anymore.
Leigh Lavigne
Leigh Lavigne 7 שעות לפני
Another awesome one by Drake n Future!
Kushy 7 שעות לפני
Started yellin hell na when I seen kawi
ندى نور الفجر
ندى نور الفجر 7 שעות לפני
A girl kidnaps a young man and ends with a joke👇 ilpost.info/soft/wyd-w/l3eMur19eW2SsNI.html&feature=share
andrea 7 שעות לפני
Marie Sarah Cardinal
Marie Sarah Cardinal 7 שעות לפני
I like that big belly look like DJ Khaled
Marie Sarah Cardinal
Marie Sarah Cardinal 7 שעות לפני
This looks like the proud family
Travez Or Tee
Travez Or Tee 7 שעות לפני
This go too hard 🔥🔥🔥
Joni Jon
Joni Jon 7 שעות לפני
At first I felt weird seen drake doing those things .. ngl😂😂
Hexted 7 שעות לפני
I love how a nigga directs a music video for drake and his fans act as if he was in the director chair
Meryem K
Meryem K 7 שעות לפני
Vallah Billah könnt mir sagen was ihr wollt aber der Lispelt
Hexted 7 שעות לפני
Idk bout this lmao
daniel moore
daniel moore 7 שעות לפני
That is the pier from GTA
Whizzle WILe LIFe
Whizzle WILe LIFe 7 שעות לפני
The magic prods. 11
The magic prods. 11 8 שעות לפני
Cole Demo
Cole Demo 8 שעות לפני
Grumpy Old Men brought me here...wait..
Lawrence Washington
Lawrence Washington 8 שעות לפני
Drake drake drake.. You are so gay for that but ur a filthy rapper
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