Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined

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Red Bull Snow

Red Bull Snow

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“Sometimes my mind goes kind of crazy about skiing and I ask myself, what if...?” - Markus Eder

What if you could link every powder turn, every rail, every cliff drop, every comp run and every kicker nailed into one ultimate run? Well, Markus Eder did just that in ‘The Ultimate Run’!

This is Markus’ Opus Magnum, a medley of face shots, massive tricks and even bigger drops, which was documented by Innsbruck based production company Legs of Steel over the past two years.

Markus has been visualizing the ultimate run since 2015. It may look like a simple undertaking in the final edit, but for arguably the most versatile skier on the planet, it meant taking his skill levels in every form and style of contemporary freeskiing to the next level.

“All aspects of freeskiing have fascinated me since the beginning”, states Markus.

The Ultimate Run kicks off on the lofty extremities of Zermatt as Markus drops into a sheer expanse of powder, before shredding his way through glacial blocks the size of buses, jumping off ice cliffs and then slips into the belly of the glacier, only to reappear above his home resort of Klausberg. Carving fields of fresh powder he joins a session with his buddies at his local snowpark, before boosting back off into the backcountry for some more face shots. The firecrackers keep on popping as he enters the snow covered architecture of Taufer castle and a mining museum. As the sun sets over the mountains Markus slides out onto the valley floor, six years of dream skiing condensed into ten minutes of pure joy and adrenaline.

This edit took over 90 days to film, entirely in the Alps in Markus’ home region. “The Ultimate Run is Markus’ dream project,” says Tobi Reindl from Legs of Steel, “and it also became one of the biggest and most thrilling projects we have done so far.”

With the first snow falling in the Alps, ‘The Ultimate Run’ is a must watch for all winter sports enthusiasts. It will reignite the passion for winter in even the most laid back snow fans for the coming season.

Click play in the video above and find the answer to the question, “what if?”...

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Red Bull Snow
Red Bull Snow
Ever wondered how it was made?! Go behind the scenes of 'The Ultimate Run':
Danny MacAskill
Danny MacAskill
Unbelievably well done!! The best thing I’ve watched in years!! 🙌
DJ Poom
DJ Poom 14 ימים לפני
Incredible camera work 👏🏻
Markus Eder
Markus Eder יום לפני
So happy this all worked out and thanks to you for making this dream become reality!
Alex Larrabure
Alex Larrabure 28 ימים לפני
Im sure no one will really read this, but I have to put it out there. I had the privilege to meet Markus in Hakuba 3 years ago, I also took a lap with him in powder at Cortina resort and it changed my life. This man sees the mountain differently, but more importantly he has a good heart-he was humble and very friendly. I thank Markus for doing so much for the sport, but also I thank you for impacting people. Stay safe and keep inspiring Markus.
This video is a masterpiece. From the cuts and changes in the music, the videography, and of course the insane talent of Mr. Eder. Makes me want to go skiing!
Elijah Ralston
Elijah Ralston 28 ימים לפני
Everything about this was so well done, bravo to everyone involved, y’all are very talented!
Mahalo my Dude
Mahalo my Dude
Wow. Perfect. I am coming back to this many many times.
Besides the obviously incredible skier, I would praise the effort made in filming/editing this. The capture of momentum is beyond belief, never ever seen anything so well done!
iAmHealthy 21 יום לפני
Incredible. I’m a longtime snowboarder and instructor. The way each and everyone of his moves looks effortless is just astounding. This man has more control over his body while skiing at 25-40 miles an hour than most people do walking.
"You familiar with the region?"
Lewis Kernohan
Lewis Kernohan
This is amazing! Great photography and directing, great skills from Eder, I got into playing the game steep and found this and it just increases my love for winter skiing and snowboarding
Mikayla Malchione
Mikayla Malchione 23 שעות לפני
INSANE! I found myself saying "Its still going?!" Incredible route layout, music choices, cinematography and of course execution of all the tricks. Beautifully done
Probably the coolest thing to ever be made ever.
Todd Beltz
Todd Beltz יום לפני
My jaw was on the ground for the whole 10 minutes! What an insane run with photography and cinematography that was completely mind-blowing! By far the best ski run I've ever watched! Something I could watch over and over again and not get bored of it! Austria is now on my bucket list! Looking forward to seeing what you guys create next!
RedheadTraining 14 ימים לפני
I will forever be thankful of Red Bull for making such projects possible. Riders, filmers, editors, etc. Lots of people get to show their skills and visions to the world, and I'm all there to watch it. This was unbelievable
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson
The cinematography on this is most excellent, as is the course setup and of course the skiing itself. Very creative, original and fun to watch.
Irish kitty
Irish kitty
Best run I’ve ever seen. That tunnel scene brought it to a whole new level.
James Topic
James Topic יום לפני
This video is unbelievably well done. The cinematography, directing, editing, and skiing are all out of this world. One of the best things on ILpost. Bravo!
Theo Baker
Theo Baker
This is incredible!
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