Top 10 Lewis Hamilton Pole Position Laps

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He made it to a brilliant 100 pole positions - enjoy 10 of Lewis Hamilton's best pole laps from the last 14 years.

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Nate Condy
Nate Condy 9 ימים לפני
Bruh his Singapore time was nothing short but unbreakable
Nate Condy
Nate Condy 9 ימים לפני
Btw that was in 2018
Nate Condy
Nate Condy 9 ימים לפני
Subho_ 4321
Subho_ 4321 11 ימים לפני
0.01 music name ??
Jraybay חודש לפני
Nice to see a 2009 nomination . That was a nice lap in Abu Dhabi and he was comfortably winning the race until brake problems forced him to retire and sebastian won
Azra Jamil
Azra Jamil חודש לפני
I love Lewis
Enzo Magne
Enzo Magne חודש לפני
Lewis is the best pilot go formula 1
Azra Jamil
Azra Jamil חודש לפני
Yup he is
van pelt
van pelt חודש לפני
Nico this is have to retire for Lewis win some championships...I will say and to Valtery....hahahahahaahha the dirtiest EVER team
Francesco Buffoli
Francesco Buffoli חודש לפני
Great poles, I think you could have mentioned also SPA 2018, when he was on another planet, seconds far from everyone else except Vettel, who was still 7 o 8 tens behind Lewis.
ItsByramTime חודש לפני
literally sat watching this top 10 going... singapore....? singapore...! CHRIST, SINGAPORE?!?!... oh it's number one, yeah i'm happy with that... hahahahaha :)
wajoo tube
wajoo tube חודש לפני
Singapore 🇸🇬 2018 is a thing of beauty
boski112 חודש לפני
How big was the tension at McLaren to let rookie manage the team and almost lose two straight Championships... After many years he proved the point but cost were horrendous.
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese חודש לפני
The purple helmet makes him go faster
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley חודש לפני
Man I miss those 00's cars
Zeke 82
Zeke 82 חודש לפני
Poles from 2007 - 2021 that’s over a DECADE and almost half again, and he’s never not gotten a pole position each and every year…let that sink in… ”but it’s just the car”?
dystopia חודש לפני
Don't cut reaction after Alonso's comment!
David Durón
David Durón חודש לפני
it would have been better if they just put the bed onboard of each pole
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock חודש לפני
How can anybody dislike Lewis? Unless you hate people that win
PrinZ חודש לפני
People will always hate whoever is dominating I bet you When Hamilton retires and other driver will dominate the sport That *driver* will get hate
Michael Pollock
Michael Pollock חודש לפני
Has anyone watched Lewis in his carting days? Look closely. His driving is almost created by a machine. That is what he has always done. That's why he will get 8
Peter Southern
Peter Southern חודש לפני
The GOAT 🐐
Michael B
Michael B חודש לפני
Alonso is a real top notch POS!!!
Oscar Manuel Penas Lopez
Oscar Manuel Penas Lopez חודש לפני
Y la pole del GP HUNGRÍA 2007?, esa también cuenta?
Tshepo Ncamane
Tshepo Ncamane חודש לפני
The best to ever do it
WONG PENG NGAI Class 2E2 2021
WONG PENG NGAI Class 2E2 2021 חודש לפני
How about Singapore
Di M
Di M חודש לפני
Do a top 100 pole laps 😁
President of Estonia
President of Estonia חודש לפני
Best driver in the best car. But still you need a great driver, as we see Bottas would not win even if he had a car 0,5 sec faster than everybody else.
Vishal Shanbhag
Vishal Shanbhag חודש לפני
Gotta admit he's had the fastest car at the beginning of turbo hybrid era which some people have been using as base to undermine his achievements till now but I believe from 2017 onwards it was all down to him. A true masterclass.
FUSION חודש לפני
1 point away from championship his rookie season. people forget this.
Robbert van Zutphen
Robbert van Zutphen חודש לפני
Easy for a top driver with a supreme Mercedes. A Mercedes that for years is much more powerful than a Ferrari or RedBull.
moyosore dada
moyosore dada חודש לפני
It still hurts to hear its a tonne of poles referring to the number 100 in a sport that regularly deals with hundredth of seconds
Rui Yurra
Rui Yurra חודש לפני
Canada 2010????????
Rui Yurra
Rui Yurra חודש לפני
Canada 2010??? That’s was classic too
Wong Wai leong
Wong Wai leong חודש לפני
Top 10 for his home crowd in Silverstone,British 2007 on pole but he was bad start
chai*2 חודש לפני
I see his been doing it since the start of his career, the bottas q1, q2 but comes q3, "hamilton pole position"
Fabigamer1111yt ✓
Fabigamer1111yt ✓ חודש לפני
Yes , 2007-2013 he was not like actually.
Seung Yoon
Seung Yoon חודש לפני
As a kid....Doubting Lewis Hamilton becoming a world champion was biggest mistakes i ever make
DHowsonphoto חודש לפני
Needs more adverts
Mubita Sylvester
Mubita Sylvester חודש לפני
The man from stevenage 👏
GLR חודש לפני
in the most dominant car era ever.... .it was inevitable
Mk Brand
Mk Brand חודש לפני
1:38 They made a Netflix move (if you know you know)
Syro Bleaching
Syro Bleaching חודש לפני
He's the man, the goat.
ItsAlimonda חודש לפני
Singapore 2018 was his Monaco 88 moment
Raphael Francis
Raphael Francis חודש לפני
Canada 2010 is one of my favorite...
Matt Drane
Matt Drane חודש לפני
Cringed at Alonso's comment. What an insecure idiot, why would you be a 2 time world champion and that easily rattled
Mikeado66 חודש לפני
This video would have been better with full onboards of each lap. Which would probably fit within 15 minutes anyway.
Dr. Jimmy Chung Lee
Dr. Jimmy Chung Lee חודש לפני
I have seen many drivers over the years as an F1 fan but there's something special and unique about Lewis Hamilton. Respect greatness!
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan חודש לפני
Hamilton always has tons of iconic pole laps.
David Baker
David Baker חודש לפני
That lap at Singapore was the greatest I’ve ever seen. Just unbelievable and showing why he is the best F1 driver ever.
system cp3
system cp3 חודש לפני
Singapore 2018 is one on the best laps in F1 history
Raken Drew
Raken Drew חודש לפני
When a great driver have a great car- the result Lewis
5 Red Lights
5 Red Lights חודש לפני
Does Hamilton really deserve the level of attention and adoration he's been receiving this season? ABSOLUTELY.
Anthony Andrea
Anthony Andrea חודש לפני
The greats in any sport are more universally appreciated and approved of when they are retired. Hamilton is one of the greats. I think any sport benefits when it has currently active in it - somebody who is regarded to be one of the best in the history of the sport.
Josh Maude
Josh Maude חודש לפני
The goat, will only ever be truly appreciated when he retires.
JΛMΛ חודש לפני
sadly true
Jakub Czekal
Jakub Czekal חודש לפני
im still covinced someone inF1 is doing something to let this man do well
Prince Sekyere
Prince Sekyere חודש לפני
Nico was such a weird guy. He intentionally went off truck and brought out the yellow flags to prevent Hamilton from going quickest. I still remember this day.
Matt Shah
Matt Shah חודש לפני
Literally history in the making
Iván Arce
Iván Arce חודש לפני
What he did in Singapore 2018 was unbelievable
Revvy חודש לפני
Can we check if he’s actually a human
Revvy חודש לפני
The F1 Terminator
He was born to race
Arthur Nuyttens
Arthur Nuyttens חודש לפני
This video doesn't match the title. Extra narrative is nice, but I want to see all the full qualy laps, still wonderfull to see tho
Milton Ferreira Junior
Milton Ferreira Junior חודש לפני
Respirem fundo e assistam esse video DEMAIS...#44 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁😎😎😎😎😎
Matthias Cerebri
Matthias Cerebri חודש לפני
Could you make a video about all of his poles and later all of his wins as well?
Marco P.
Marco P. חודש לפני
why is formula one such a one man sport?
Simón Miguel Vega Zúñiga
Simón Miguel Vega Zúñiga חודש לפני
gp da inglaterra 2007 gp da austrália 2018 gp de abu dhabi 2009 gp de mônaco 2015 gp da inglaterra 2018 gp da hungria 2012 gp da itália 2017 gp do canadá 2007 gp da estiria 2020 gp da cingapura 2018
Gilberto Francisco
Gilberto Francisco חודש לפני
A pole position is a pole position, what is a top pole position? or the top 10?
Gasgano חודש לפני
3:05 "they needn't have been" what a beautiful language
tom trafford
tom trafford חודש לפני
Why couldn’t we just have the laps and not her talking about them ?
Lizo William
Lizo William חודש לפני
This guy though...
Daz555 חודש לפני
Man it is crazy how small the cars were in his McLaren era.
Luc Williams
Luc Williams חודש לפני
2018 Singapore is on par with senna Monaco
seezu84 חודש לפני
Singapore 2018 was a beast of a lap. Never we will see a lap like that again for a longggg time.
Fabio חודש לפני
When you compare a driver to Senna and Schumacher that’s all you need to know. Hamilton is up there with the very best in F1 history.
African Explorer Magazine
African Explorer Magazine חודש לפני
You know what, I watched a Documentary of how they treated Willie T when he tried racing in America. And I totally understand all they hate that directed at Lewis. Go on Baba, show dem no hate can stop your goals... They gonna talk, they gonna hate, you gonna still be paid. It must depressing to his haters, all he does is WIN WIN WIN!!!!!
Herman Sandhu
Herman Sandhu חודש לפני
I would've been an even bigger fan if he wasn't in mercedes, but in 2018 he proved that he is a great driver
M.V.A.L חודש לפני
Everybody forgetting that once Lewis leave another driver will cone along and dominate just like him. So I guess you'll always be bored then...
Guido Haverkort
Guido Haverkort חודש לפני
14:34 remember those times when there was more than 2 people in contention
Teo Jun Hao
Teo Jun Hao חודש לפני
China 2007 pole position is my favourite
Walton Goggins
Walton Goggins חודש לפני
justinlzy חודש לפני
When Michael did what he did, I thought surely that record was there to stay for a very very long time, well...
Ma name Jeff
Ma name Jeff חודש לפני
That old mclaren looks so dope , I wish they still had that livery
Geoffrey Annesley
Geoffrey Annesley חודש לפני
Every sport has a person or team that you cant touch because they cant be beaten
azapro911 חודש לפני
Note that THREE 2018 laps are included. Ferrari had the car, he made the difference.
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe חודש לפני
Go Hamilton
player alive
player alive חודש לפני
Say what u want but this dude is the best
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich חודש לפני
That lap in Singapore was unbelievable
Ed Musto
Ed Musto חודש לפני
floorbrother חודש לפני
"We have the best fans out here..."
Lemeckom חודש לפני
Lewis epic driver
Carlo Leon Sadang
Carlo Leon Sadang חודש לפני
There is a rule here. If a racer doesn't show any brilliance on his rookie year, there is small, and tiniwini chance of ever turning out great.
Tenesha Anderson
Tenesha Anderson חודש לפני
And he will always be the first to get 100 poles. No one can take that away from him EVER. AND THAT’S FOR THE HATERS
Cam Todd
Cam Todd חודש לפני
"ItS JuSt ThE CaR"
Juan José Pinzón
Juan José Pinzón חודש לפני
I will never like him and I have other drivers as my favorites, but I can't denny he is one heck of a driver
Jonathan Cuesta
Jonathan Cuesta חודש לפני
Anyone else’s screen goes black at 9:54?
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright חודש לפני
Lewis is an absolute beast there is no doubt. Well done champ.
MrINSANITY321 חודש לפני
The irony of the people saying ‘well he’s always had a decent car’. He’s the only driver maybe in the history of the sport to not come from wealth. The only thing he had to get here was raw speed & talent. Best drivers get the best cars. Simple.
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson חודש לפני
Dimas Bagus Pratama
Dimas Bagus Pratama חודש לפני
Lewis Hamilton... and the rest...
MimM חודש לפני
Styria 2020 was a monster lap in awful weather conditions. Every Formula 1 fan out there should go and watch that onboard lap with headphones. You won't be dissapointed. :)
Mob Enterprise
Mob Enterprise חודש לפני
not a lewis fan.. but I think he will set some unbreakable records
Henry חודש לפני
Lewis is absolutely incredible!
Junior Junior
Junior Junior חודש לפני
I was there at the end of turn 1 for Singapore 2018, the whole stand went utterly silent, in shock - there were a lot of Aussie fans cheering for Ricciardo, their jaws dropped. It was just unbelievable, and I'm lucky to have witnessed that in real time. Everyone knew something special had happened
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